Dental Insurance

Our practice accepts dental insurance, and will file all forms necessary to secure coverage when available. However, we do not guarantee that all services will be covered, and it is up to you to communicate with your insurance company if there are questions. All remaining balances not covered by insurance become the patient's responsibility.

Cosmetic Dentistry
While dental insurance plans often cover routine and preventative care, cosmetic procedures are not always as cut and dry. For instance, sometimes insurance companies will only reimburse for a percentage of the least expensive treatment option available (so, if you choose porcelain fillings, your coverage amount may revert to the cost of less-expensive silver fillings).

If there are concerns about insurance coverage, we are more than happy to submit a pre-treatment estimate to your insurance company before dental procedures are performed. This way, you know what to expect and do not find yourself in a challenging financial situation. This estimate process may take up to six weeks.

CITI Health Card and Care Credit are offered through our practice as financing options for patients who are unable to pay in full at time of service.

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